Source of Life

During my college years, I would hear my sister & some of my friends say, “I just can’t imagine going a day without being in God’s Word!” They would describe to me how they could tell if they went through their day without being filled with His Word first. I didn’t really understand this because by the time they had their “quiet time”, I had already washed the dishes (turned the dishwasher on), ironed my clothes for the next day (threw my outfit in the dryer on the “scorch” setting) & pretended to finish my history paper. How would praying & sitting there help me in my day?

And then, my Savior, after relentlessly pursuing me for years & loving me before I was even born, CHANGED MY LIFE. Slowly, but surely, I began to understand what my sister & friends had tried to express to me before. After experiencing uninterrupted, personal one-on-one time with God on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day, I just knew that I’d never be able to go a day without setting time aside to share my heart with Him. But just as I was sure that I’d keep it up…I didn’t. At first I thought that maybe I’d just pray while I was being “productive” around the house. And then, I’d get so sidetracked with changing the toilet paper rolls in the bathrooms & scrubbing the tub, that praying went right out the window. And my favorite laughable reasoning was, “Sure, I WANT to spend time with my Savior. But I have too much to do. Plus, I don’t feel ‘needy’ today, so I’ll just spend extra time with Him tomorrow. Won’t He be happy about that.” Then 24 hours later, “I’ll just wait until tomorrow. I’m still doing good. I hardly cried over anything today.” Another day or two goes by and I realize that I’m really…just…in a funk for some reason. In fact, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed & empty. My faith is feeling a little shaky.

It’s written out crystal clear in Romans 10:17. It says: “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”

So this is where you think I’d connect those dots and say to myself, “Hello! You know what you need. You need to plug into your life source! Easy fix. Now go do it.” But instead, like a broken record, I repeat to myself, “I’m way too busy; and really, I just don’t feel like it. I’m not feeling happy and I don’t want to come to a perfect God when I’m not feeling happy. I’ll try to perk myself up with some chocolate or something and then I’ll spend some interrupted time with Him. Tomorrow.” This mindset is not right! Why do I think it’s ok to fellowship with the Lord only when I need to get something out of it? The God of the universe wants desperately to spend time with me; listen to me pour out my heart to Him; comfort me. John 4:23 expresses how God loves our worship & longs for fellowship with us! Umm, WOW.

God-is-our-source-of-life. He is our joy giver, grace giver, abundant life giver. Without staying plugged into that source, we cannot & will not live each day to the fullest. We need to realize that we are not self sufficient & can not navigate our lives without Him. And praise God that we don’t have to! I declare Him faithful!

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