It’s Love

God is love.
I think it’s important to know how the Word defines love because that’s also describing the very heart of our God.
I Corinthians 13:4-7 tells us,
Is patient.
Is Kind.
Doesn’t envy.
Doesn’t boast.
Isn’t proud.
Doesn’t dishonor others.
Not self-seeking.
Not easily angered.
Doesn’t keep a record of wrongs.
Doesn’t delight in evil.
Rejoices with the truth.
Always protects.
Always trusts.
Always hopes.
Always perseveres.
Love never fails.Love gave His perfect Son to die for a sinful world, to redeem & to restore it.God is love.

Simple words, complex statement.

A couple weeks ago I had the beautiful opportunity to watch my sister give birth to my first nephew. Then I was able to spend the first week & a half of his life with him. I’ve always thought the process of labor was a miraculous & wonderful thing, but when I actually saw our little man enter the world & take his first breath, it was life changing.

I’ve loved that boy from the moment I found out my sister was pregnant with him. And when I got to hold him for the first time, hear him use his voice for the first time & actually get to see his perfect face & body…WOW! My heart was so jam-packed full of love, it almost hurt.

My nephew didn’t say or do anything to make me love him. He hasn’t done anything to deserve all the love & affection that’s directed to him from everyone in our family. He just…belongs to us. And if I am a flawed, sinful human that can love like that, how much more does our perfect & holy God love His children? There is nothing we said or did to make God love us. There is nothing we can say or do to make Him love us more or less. That love is established, it’s unshakable & it’s eternal. We can’t lessen it or destroy it. Ever. His love for us is so passionate & pure that He made the ultimate sacrifice to save us from being separated from Him. It was our sin & our choices that threatened that connection. But our loving God gave His Son to be crucified so that our connection with Him could be restored & we could spend eternity in His presence. That is love.

There is nothing you can say or do to deserve His love…or lose it. Pretty good deal, right?

I declare my God as faithful!!